Own a Nano Sanitize Franchise

Provide Disinfection Services & Enjoy Work-Life Balance

Nano Sanitize owners provide a new solution to a growing problem. Using our advanced technology and proprietary products, Nano Sanitize owners eliminate dangerous germs and bacteria.

Nano Sanitize owners protect homes, offices, autos and other locations where people live and work. Our customers love the healthy environment and peace of mind we provide.

Nano Sanitize Franchise Criteria:

The estimated total initial investment starts at $50,000, which includes the one-time initial franchise fee of $38,500. IMPORTANT: For a limited time we are covering the cost of the initial machine and chemical order (a $13,500 value).

A Nano Sanitize franchisee must devote full-time efforts to the development of the franchise, either through their own involvement or through the efforts of a hired operator.

A Nano Sanitize franchisee can work from home when they open their franchise initially, and move into office space as your operations get scaled up.

Own a Successful Nano Sanitize Franchise

Nano Sanitize franchise owners follow our model to quickly build a successful business in a protected territory. They use proprietary marketing methods to generate a steady flow of profits.

Nano Sanitize owners enjoy protected markets, websites, marketing tools, sales tools, exclusive products, a national brand name, and real-time customer support.

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